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     We have a program in this area called The A.A. Bridging the Gap/Temporary Contact Program. If you are interested, you can be matched upon your discharge to an A.A. member in your home community. This Temporary A.A. Contact Volunteer will take you to some A.A. meetings in your area, introduce you and help you get acquainted and comfortable in A.A. 

     Your Bridging the Gap contact is temporary only. They are there to support you, answer questions and explain the A.A. program of recovery. They will not provide housing, food, clothing, jobs, money or such other services. You may hear basic suggestions for sobriety that the Fellowship shares, including don't drink; go to meetings; read the Big Book; call your sponsor and work the Steps.

     Past experience has shown that attending an A.A. meeting as soon as possible after discharge is vital to making a sober transition to life on the outside. Many of us have been where you are now and know that the program of A.A. and its fellowship can do for you what it had done for us and countless others.

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Excerpt from Pamphlet "A.A. Temporary Contact/Bridging the Gap Request" - F-183
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